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LED lighting - Choosing the right colour temperature for you

Many people are put off changing to LED lighting as they believe the light produced by LEDs is too cold. This may have been the case once, but today with the latest generation of LED chips available, LED Supplies offer a very wide range of white LED lighting across the white colour spectrum. offering a white light form very warm 2200K (K = Kelvin) which closely imitates the light from the flame of a candle for example, through to 2700K and 3000K which is very similar to traditional warm lighting, through to the 4000K rated 'daylight' neutral white ranges and on right up to the 5000K and 6000K Cooler end of the white light spectrum. We even produce some of our LED strip with an ultra cool rating of 8000 to 10,000K

Commonly used in a number of applications, LED panel lighting, also known as LED tube lighting, is now widely available in a number of shapes and sizes. At LED-SUPPLIES.com, we have a comprehensive range of reliable LED panel lights built to a high quality and meeting lasting building regulations.

Aside from a longer lifespan, low power consumption and more control over your lighting options, LED panels have a good heat dissipation function. This makes them particularly ideal for adhering to health and safety regulations, as does the shock resistant material, going part the way to explaining the popularity of their use in bars, hotels and restaurants.

The most popular product we sell is our 600 x 600mm (actual dimensions 595 x 595mm to drop into a ceiling grid system if required) which is a 4000K Daylight White rated LED panel which outputs a very good level of light against the energy used. Please see information at the bottom of this page about selecting your panel. We are also pleased to offer a range of RGB Colour changing LED Panels as used in the O2 in London. You can see a photo of our colour changing RGB LED panels in use at the O2 by clicking here.

Both our slim 600 x 600mm White LED Panel light and our RGB colour changing LED panels are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. The RGB LED panel comes supplied with a wall mounting bracket set as standard, and with the white LED light panel it is supplied as an optional extra. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories for LED panel lights, such as the emergency pack for LED panel as well as a host of controllers such as the PIR detector for LED panels.

 For more information click on the LED panel images below to view the range and prices, or contact us to discuss your requirement.

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How to select and fit a quality 600 x 600mm ceiling fitting

One of the best things about LED panel lighting is the range of options available. If you’re not sure which product best suits your needs, please view our in-depth instructional video (9 mins) on what to look for when selecting your panel, covering everything from what colour or size to use to whether or not you’ll need a conversion kit. We’ve also included instructions on installing your LED panels. 

What sizes of LED panels do you offer?

The most popular LED light panel we manufacture is a 600 x 600mm square panel. 600 x 600mm LED panels actually measure 595 x 595mm to allow the panel to neatly drop into the traditional ceiling grid system commonly found in offices and commercial buildings. We also offer many other shapes and sizes such as 300 x 300mm and 1200 x 600mm rectangular LED panels as well as round panels but all other sizes than our 600 x 600 LED panel lights are made to order on request. If you have a particular size requirement that you cannot find on our site please contact us to discuss your requirements and we should be able to fulfil your specialist custom LED panel requirement.


What shapes of light panels do you offer?

We offer 600 x 600 panels as well as other sizes in square, rectangular and circular / round LED panel lights.


What colours of LED panels do you offer?

Our panels come in standard light colour output options of Daylight White which is 4000K. This is the most popular colour for the light output from an LED panel light. We can also manufacture Cool White 6000K but they are made on request. As the name suggest our preferred 4000K Daylight white light is designed to give a natural daylight type white light to your room and is perfect for both commercial and domestic settings. Cool white is a more harsh ice white light. We can also offer warm white 3000K LED panels but these are also usually made to order rather than supplied from stock. Warm white light is a more traditional light, more yellowish as you would find from older style lighting.


What ‘wattage equivalent’ do I need to order?

Our 40W LED panels are designed to replace the old 600mm fluorescent tube fittings which use 4 x 18W tubes (a total of 72 Watts) so our LED panels offer a 45% energy saving compared to the traditional ceiling fittings whilst giving a bright light output with no flicker, instant start up, no UV and is very long life to significantly reduce maintenance costs. The 40W panel we have developed provides a perfect balance of cost, brightness level, light colour and energy saving all with zero maintenance.


Do I need a conversion kit to fit these panels?

No, our LED panel lights are a full retrofit solution. They can be dropped into any standard 600 x 600mm ceiling grid system. With the optional mounting brackets the panels can be surface mounted to a wall or ceiling as long as there is room for the power supply to be tucked out of the way. The external LED driver is included so just need to be dropped into place and powered up.


How easy are LED panels to fit?

Very easy. To fit our LED panel into a suspended ceiling simply remove the existing fitting or tile, connect the mains lead (the lead that provide power into the LED driver which is supplied with the LED panel) to the AC mains and drop the panel into place in the suspended ceiling. It takes a few minutes per LED panel but as always, when you are dealing with electricity we recommend you consult with a qualified electrician.


What LED panel should I choose

We find that a 40 Watt power rating is best for a 600 x 600 (595 x 595mm) LED panel. Given the light output modern LED chip can achieve this 40 Watt power rating gives the very best balance between performance and energy efficiency. Other LED panels rated to 36W can often on the surface provide very high brightness levels but often this is acheived by over driving the LEDs which can cause quality problems or the lumen rating of the panel is not correctly stated. We are happy to provide advice on what colour LED panel would best suit your requirement but 4000K daylight white light panels will usually suit any environment. There are many LED panels available but we are sure if you select an LED-SUPPLIES.COM LED panel you will be impressed.


What warranty do you offer?

Our new range of LED panels now come with a 3 year warranty. We can offer this as we use one of the best quality LED panel drivers in the world. In themselves the LEDs used in panels are often long life and the LED driver supplied with the LED panel is the weak link, failing much sooner than the actual panel itself. Our investment in the LED driver ensures that are panels are amongst the most reliable around.

We are confident that if our panels are compared like for like with LED panels from our competitors, the LED-SUPPLIES.COM LED panels will give a superior performance in terms of the length of time they last (their life time / MTBF figure) as well as the light output they provide for an equivalent power rating. We are very proud of the reliability and the levels of brightness our LED panel lights achieve.


Are your LED Panels eligable for The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme for energy saving technologies?

Yes. This scheme is a way that businesses can achieve tax relief against profits on energy saving products. Some categories, including lighting do not require that individual items are listed on the ETL (Energy Technology List) but they do have to meet certain criteria to qualify and our LED panel lighting meets those requirements.

For more information on this Carbon Trust backed tax relief scheme that could benefit your business please click here click here.