MR16 LED Bulbs

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Welcome to our MR16 LED Bulb range. We offer a selection of brightness levels, power ratings and light colours. MR16 bullbs typically operate from a 12vdc low voltage input and are most commonly available as providing either a cool white or warm white light output. The Cool White MR16 bulbs provide a very cold 'Ice' white colour of light, with the warm white providing a more traditional yellow 'warmer' light as the description suggests.

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What is an MR16 LED bulb?

The 'MR' in MR16 comes from 'Multifacted reflector' due to the way the inside of the MR16 bulb is designed to pull light in from the LED chips and control how the light is emitted. Many MR16 LED bulbs now have a smooth internal reflector but the name has remained.

Quite often you can simply switch your existing MR16 lamp with new MR16 LED bulbs for an instant energy and cost saving as both operate from a 12vdc input. If you are looking to replace the old power hungry MR16 bulbs with new LED ones however, its worth checking what type of transformer you have powering them. MR16 transformers / LED drivers usually come in 2 versions. An old wire-wound magnetic transformer, and an electronic transformer. Both of them reduce the mains voltage (240v) down to 12v but do this in different ways

The older magnetic transformer will work fine with the new MR16 LED bulbs. The electronic transformers may not. Electronic transformers often have a minimum load requirement to operate which was easlily provided by the more power hungry old MR16s. Using new MR16 LED bulbs however greatly reduces the amount of power being drawn from the transformer and if the new low energy MR16 LED bulbs do not meet the minimum levels required it may cause the MR16 LED lamps to fliker or possibly not even work at all.

If you do have an electronic transformer we suggest replacing it with a 12vdc constant voltage LED driver rated to the correct level to power the number of MR16 bulbs you have. For example, if you have 10 pieces of a 4.5W MR16 bulb, they will use a total of 45 Watts so we recommend powering them using a constant voltage 12vdc LED driver rated to 50W or above. Our LED drivers can be seen by viewing the related products section on the right hand side once you have clicked into one of the MR16 product pages