E14 LED Bulb range

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E14 LED lamps are available from LED-SUPPLIES.COM in both dimmable and non-dimmable options. The E14 is also known as small Edison screw and is called E14 due to its 14mm screw base. As well as the standard and dimmable options you would expect we also offer a selection of light colour options from 1800K which is a very warm bulb up to 6000K which is a very cool ice white light colour. Our E14 LED Bulb range includes candle style, golf and filament options. The E14 filament style bulbs look like very much like traditional bulbs but uses LED chips as their filament to provide a very low energy and long life lighting solution.

We also now offer an E14 LED bulb in our dim to warm range wherer the light colour given out by the LED actally gets warmer as the light is dimmed down, simulating the characteristics of incandescent and halogen bulbs

The E14 LED bulbs in our range will fit your existing fittings and can simply be fitted in place of your traditional E14 bulb to offer an immediate power saving of up to 90% whilst lasting considerably longer than old lamp types.