LED Bulbs

LED lighting - Choosing the right colour temperature for you

Many people are put off changing to LED lighting as they believe the light produced by LEDs is too cold. This may have been the case once, but today with the latest generation of LED chips available, LED Supplies offer a very wide range of white LED lighting across the white colour spectrum. offering a white light form very warm 2200K (K = Kelvin) which closely imitates the light from the flame of a candle for example, through to 2700K and 3000K which is very similar to traditional warm lighting, through to the 4000K rated 'daylight' neutral white ranges and on right up to the 5000K and 6000K Cooler end of the white light spectrum. We even produce some of our LED strip with an ultra cool rating of 8000 to 10,000K

LED Bulbs from UK experts. LED Supplies are one of the UKs most experienced distributors of LED lighting including LED bulbs. Our LED Bulbs are designed to replace traditional halogen and CFL bulbs in the most simply way possible. Usually an LED bulb can simply be installed into the existing fitting in place of the old bulb for instant energy and cost savings and a reduction to associated maintenance costs. The LED bulbs we offer are latest generation and can provide energy savings of up to 90%. In real terms this means that you can power up to 10 LED bulbs for the same enegy cost as just one traditional LED lamp and acheive the same amount of brightness

Advantages of LED bulbs at a glance

  • Use much less energy so reduce your utility bill
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Less energy wasted as heat so run cooler
  • No 'warm-up' time - maximum light output immediately on start up
  • No flicker and negligable UV
  • LED bulbs provide a wider selection of light colours
  • No Mercury
  • Last up to 20x longer than traditional filament bulbs
  • Designed for quick install - retrofit into existing fittings and lamps in seconds

More and more customers are switching to LED lighting due to the benefits outlined above. The bulbs we supply are manufactured for us by one of the worlds largest LED bulb manufacturers utilising the latest production technology. we only sell the most reliable and safety tested bulbs and do not source our LED bulbs from low quality Chinese factories. We operate on very aggresive margins and look to sell the best quality solutions and the best prices possible. In addition to the vast improvements in LED technology meaning light levels of LED bulbs are now better than ever before, the increase in energy prices over the last few years means that there has never been a better time to invest in changing your bulbs over to an LED solution.

Some important things to consider when choosing your LED bulbs

Light can have different 'Colour Temperatures'. The temperature or colour of the light provided by the bulb can vary significantly from one LED bulb to the next. The colour temperature of an LED bulb is measured in Kelvin (K). The Kelvin scale can be used in reference to a number of different things, but when used in conjunction with LED bulbs it typically spans the 2200K to 6000K range. The lower than number the warmer and cosier the light. So a bulb rated to 2200K will be a very warm yellow light, most closely resembling the light given off by the flame of a candle. Up at 2700 - 3000K you are still in the warm white range typically found in a traditional bulb, moving up to the 4000K daylight white bulbs we offer and then into our 5000 - 6000K cool white LED bulbs which provide a light which is a very clinical 'Ice White'

On each of the LED Bulb pages below will be particular things to look out for when choosing your lamp. For example whats important to consider when choosing an MR16 LED bulb may not be completely the same things that are important things to remember when choosing your GU10 LED bulb