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RGBW LED strip (3528 chip - Double row)

A range of LED strip tape which has red, blue, green and white LED chips on the same PCB. This RGBW LED strip lighting is rated to 19.2 watts per metre but we also stock 2 other ranges at different power ratings, see below links for details. Using RGBW tape has the benefit of offering a wider portfolio of colours when compared to standard RGB tape which is lacking the white LED chip. Standard RGB tape can produce a white light output by running all 3 (R, G, B) chips at the same time, where as RGBW tape can produce a white light output by just running the white LED chip on its own which means less power is used

This range of RGBW LED strip uses 4 individual coloured standard 3528 type LEDs. If this range of RGBW LED strip lighting isnt exactly what you are looking for, please take a look at our other ranges of higher powered RGBW LED strip

We offer a few different versions of RGBW LED strip lighting in addition to the range on this page

RGBW LED strip 12vdc 5050 chip - Single row of LEDs 14.4 watts per metre

RGBW LED strip 24vdc 5050 chip - Double row of LEDs 28.8 watts per metre

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Price From: £31.68
Price From: £31.68


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